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Before the acquaintance with search results and the selection of the sites, please pay attention to the position of the "Placement at the sites" switch. We strongly recommend you to put the switch to "send to the application with closed and open URLs"

This means that all links that you will purchase at first will be sent to the webmaster for the confirmation (to the owner of the site which you have chosen for your link placement). Then they will come back to you to reconfirm.

This way of confirmation of applications will allow you to avoid accidental purchases.

In the search results it is necessary to develop the list of pages of the site on which you have decided to purchase a link. Choose the text of the link or skip this step (then the system will choose the text for you automatically) and make sure that selected page is ticked off.

 Then pass to the end of the page and click on the "Purchase" section. Applications for placement of your links will be created on all pages that you have ticked off.


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